The Preciousness of Children

My child is precious.  Not just to me…but globally, if you will.  And not just my child, but yours, too.   

I’m sure I’ve said it before on my blog or a forum, that the Woobie is truly precious.  It seems that when I, or people like me (adoptive parents) say our child is “precious,” it has at times been taken to have a pejorative connotation, much like people say “bless your little heart” in a belittling way.  I’m here to tell you, that’s not me; that’s not my meaning.   

In my own heart, ALL children are precious.  Those born to us, those adopted by us, those living in wealth or poverty, those who are black, white, green or what have you.  Those who are healthy and those who are sick.  Those who were carried to term, those who, for many reasons were not born into this world.  Those who are now not children, but grownups, who have been hurt by adoption, abuse, neglect, or worse.  Those who never got to feel precious at all. 

My own Woobie is made up of so many different pieces—parts of him given from his mother and father who created him, and from their extended families.  New parts of him emerge as he learns new things and experiences different people and places.  Other parts are learned from me and his Woobiedaddy and our extended families.  All these things will make him uniquely his own, but ours at the same time.  He learns, he grows, he happily plays and has adventures.  He acts cute and silly and funny and frustrated and downright angry.  For all of these things and even without them, he is precious.  He is precious just for the sake of the fact that he is. 

The fact that I get to experience him every day and care for him and love him is in short, AMAZING (another word some have come to dislike when associated with adoption).  So amazing that it takes my breath away.  So, when I say MY child is precious, it is because he’s the one I have in my life every day.  He’s the one I get to experience.  He’s in my heart even if he wasn’t born to me.  Even if growing up outside his natural-birth-first family is not ideal for him, or would be his choice had he been given one at all.  His worth does not change. 

My child is precious, and so is yours.


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