I read a few of the blogs and reactions about Primtime’s recent special on adoption, and realize not everyone thought it was the best representation of how adoption is or should be.  That’s fine.  I read the transcripts on the network’s website, so I have an idea what was covered.  But…

I was so happy this morning because of that special.  Just recently, my mother learned that we have opened our relationship with N.  We’ve been taking it slow with what and when we talk to family members about that, because there’s still a lot of mistrust of the open adoption process and it makes people pretty nervous.  Anyway…we were all having breakfast after church this morning, my aunt included.  As we were in line to pay, my aunt asks how things are going with N. and shared that Mom had told her what was going on there.  I gave some minor details, trying to keep it simple.  She replied with, “did you see that primetime special about adoption?  They were talking about doing things the way you guys are going about it and how its supposed to be so much better that way.  That’s so cool that you guys are doing that…” and on and on.  And she really meant it. 

So while we who live in the adoption world may disagree on what’s right or wrong with the process, to the general population, letting people know that openness is good…well, I think that’s worth something.


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3 responses to “Primetime

  1. Yes, it is sooo worth something, it’s worth a lot. Nice point.

  2. trixieintransit

    Very nicely put!

  3. Well, I am now completely lost in my own world of no TV, newspaper, limited internet, etc. This is the world of a stay at home mom with an active helper. He likes to help turn the channels, shred the paper, and type… So, I did not even relaize this was coming on until after it already had. Wished I had known now, so I could have checked it out…

    I am glad it made a positive impression on a family member!

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