Gray Hair, Gold Star, its All the Same

I have gone all my life, nearly 38 years, without finding a gray hair.  Until Saturday.  We were driving in the car, and I was gazing at myself in the vanity mirror (they don’t call it that for nothing, folks 😉 ) when something shiny caught my eye.  There it was, right up front.  Against my husband’s fervent pleas to “DON”T PLUCK IT,” I did just that.  I wanted to look more closely, feel its weird, wiry texture and contemplate its meaning in my life.  I mean, how could I not have seen it before then?  It was about three inches long, so it didn’t just appear one day…and why now?

In retrospect, the first 36 years of my life were pretty cush.  You wouldn’t have been able to convince me of it then, but I never had to navigate the mean streets of the big city, worry where my next meal was going to come from, or anything close to that kind of worry.  For the entirety of our marriage, we’ve both been reasonably well employed, living like the D.I.N.K.s (dual income no kids) we were.  We’d come home from our office jobs, I’d take a nap, hubby would play video games, we’d get up for dinner, watch tv and go to bed. We did that for YEARS, I’m ashamed to say.  Certainly nothing to grow any gray hairs over.

Fast forward to now.  Life looks a little bit different.  For the past year and a half or so, I’ve been getting up REALLY early so we can all get ready on time and get where we need to be.  Work carries a little different meaning now, because, by golly, there is a real life little person depending on me to bring home a paycheck each week.  Toddlers can not live on Ramen noodles alone, you know?  I slide out of work to pick up the little Woobinator in time to get home and start supper, which is served right at 6 because structure is everything, right?  Follow it up with lots of play, a bath and the never-ending struggle to train the child to sleep with some consistency, before getting to bed only to fall asleep during the 10 o’clock news.  Only to wake up around midnight to hear my teething boy cry out, and realize I didn’t buy Tylenol or milk while I was at the store for the 10th time this week.  Add in navigating a new relationship with Woob’s mother, obsessing about the flight to Boston we’ll be taking in a week and a half and the ensuing trip in which it’ll be just me and a toddler in the big city for four days while hubby’s at a conference, and a pending *ahem, choke” 20 year class reunion for which I will need to lose 10 pounds, gain a tan, buy a hot outfit, and learn to pretend to be FABulous again…

Okay, breeaaathe…

Yes, my life has changed, and really, really for the better.  But that gray hair?  I got it the old-fashioned way… I EARNED it! J



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7 responses to “Gray Hair, Gold Star, its All the Same

  1. younevergetoverit

    Yay for your first grey hair!!

    I’ve been eagerly anticipating mine–I actually asked my mom if one of my hairs “was” grey and she quickly pointed out that, “no, it’s not grey, it’s blonde. Are you sure they aren’t all blonde, silly?”

    I WANT grey hair. I have earned grey hair. My dad’s side of the family had a genetic thing about going SILVER at/around age 30. Grandma AND uncle. I’m talking silver that cannot be dyed over with ANYTHING.

    I would welcome that. I fell as though I have earned that.

    Anyway, BTW, is it nap time at your house? You replied to my blog AND wtrote your at your own blog in the same 30 minutes, so I figure it must be nap time at your house, too. 🙂

    Congrats on your grey hair, and continued thanks for reading my blog.

  2. 38 years without a gray? Excuse me while I say bite me because I mean it with love. 😉 I had gray shortly after I turned 18. Since my first pregnancy they have only multiplied. I’m working more towards a “natural” kind of pregnancy this time around so I’m not dying my hair… and oh, it’s so darn obvious.

    That said, my Husband had no grays until I came along. MUAHAHAHA.

  3. 🙂 I can hear the love in your voice, Jenna. That’s pretty funny about your hubby’s hair.

  4. Jen

    I have one gray hair, and I pluck it. I got it right after Elizabeth was born. When I found it I did the same thing…I wanted to inspect it. In fact, I wish I had a whole head of gray hair, because then maybe I would have some normal hair instead of this pathetic, baby-fine, thin hair I have now.

    But I’d dye the hell out of it! Heh! 😉

  5. I waited nervously to see which side of the family I’d take after…my mom’s or my dad’s. Dad’s side ALL grayed prematurely…in their late 20’s or early 30’s. Mom’s maternal side of her fam is largely Cherokee up “past” my grandma’s generation, so my mom, in her mid-50’s, still has NO gray. Can you believe that?

    And this year, I’ve not only got one gray hair, but a nice, bright white, inch-wide STREAK going right where my part is. Guess that’s another one of life’s little questions answered for me! Ack! Time to start getting weaves!

    I’m 33, so count your blessings, you! *grin*


  6. Given that I’ve recently taken to dyeing my blonde hairs red I’ve got no clue about grays, though I will guess that at 23 I’ve not gotten mine yet. My dad started getting his first ones just about 23 years ago though ;). He’s now got what we lovingly call a “skunk streak” on one side of his head. I’m surprised we only gave him that…

  7. StorkWatcher

    Ha. I knew today I was getting old when I scheduled my fist mammogram…………..

    I’ve been searching for greys the past year, though. I bet it will hit me soon…

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