Eat ’em up!

Simply put, I love my boy. I know now what it means to love someone so much you could just “eat ‘em up.” I could, quite literally, eat the Woob up in one bite, chubby cheeks and all. I bet you’re the same way with your own kids, right? Let me tell you a little more about the Woob, so you, too, can bask in the light of his sweetness.

  • He LOVES “maNAnas” and asks for them by name.
  • He is excited each evening after bathtime to see what will be on his belly that night. His jammy tops have “cahs,” dinosaurs, “tucks,” dogs, and lions on them and he thinks its great to see and point to whatever is on his belly.
  • The Woob gets excited and smiles THIS BIG when he hears the beginning of the Backyardigans theme song.
  • The boy has a big cheesy smile that could melt steel.
  • Every day when I drop him off at daycare we have a ritual where, one by one, he brings me Miss Julie’s books from the display case, and then we go back together to put them back on the shelves.
  • His little hiney is highly pattable and cute.
  • He is his Daddy’s little buddy.
  • Each night he pulls out every one of his baby blankets onto the living room floor and makes “nests.” You would think it was a royal throne.
  • He laughs a deep belly laugh when he hears you burp, (or make any other rude noise.)
  • He laughs and thinks you’re being silly when you sneeze.
  • The Woobie is strong and healthy.
  • The hair on the back of his head has a cute fuzziness to it that the rest of his hair doesn’t have. We just learned recently that his first-mama’s hair is exactly the same way.
  • He goes ape for NASCAR on tv.
  • Smiles and laughter come easily to the little man.

It had occurred to me awhile back, that if I love the Woob that much, and worry about him, and plan for him, and sacrifice for him, and provide for him, and if I hurt that much when he hurts…how much more is that true of how our Father feels for us, His children. It is so unfathomable to me that it could be so much more, but it must be true. And even cooler than all that, is that one day recently, my dearest hubby—never one to contemplate God or His workings out loud—basically laid that thought out there to me as well. He’d also seen the same significance. Could’ve knocked me over with a feather. So in addition to all the other awesome stuff listed above, we can add:

  • Even though he’s not quite 16 months old, has the power to get grown people to contemplate God and Universe and their place in it all.

I could just eat that boy up!



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6 responses to “Eat ’em up!

  1. StorkWatcher

    Man, I know what you mean! And you’re right – other parents feel the same way! I just want to eat mine up too…. I nibble on him constantly.

    You know what ??? This is what I dreamed about when I wished and prayed so hard to have a child. And this is how God rewards us for our faith……With perfection. With happiness.

    Enjoy your tasty toddler!

  2. He is so cute. I can’t wait for our play date next week so I can see all his cuteness!

    And, yes, Shawn and I joke that we are going to kiss Cameorn’s cheeks right off of him!

  3. Hi, Margie! Havent seen you in awhile! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Our BabyGirl had a patch under her jaw where she started losing pigment when she was just a couple of weeks old (it came back, so all is back to “normal” now), but the doctor scratched his head over it for a few months until it seemed to spontaneously heal itself. The running joke is that we “kissed her color off” in that spot because it WAS a particularly sweet spot for baby nuzzles. So it looks like we eat ‘er up, too!

    Love this post. Thanks!’

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