Rainy Day Stuff

Since I worked approximately two DAYS over last week, I have today off.  A dark, rainy Friday.  OFF WORK!!  It hasn’t rained in weeks here, really, and today’s the day.  Because I was going to pick the Woob up early from daycare and go to the pool for the first time this year.  Bummer.  But its okay, because you know what?  I’m OFF WORK!! 🙂


My Bro in Law (who Woob’s middle name is after) is staying with us for a few days.  He’s in from Texas visiting family before he goes back home.   A few months ago he was declared cancer-free (liver), but almost immediately afterwards his markers started going up. Thye’ve since found another tumor near where the other one was and they’ll have to do a procdure to zap it and follow up with more chemo/radiation.  Oh, and two days ago he found out his division in Dallas is closing down pretty much immediately.  No job.  On long-term disability.  Crap.  Prayers, please, people!


The Woob is getting so big!  This morning I asked him to bring me his shoes, and to my surprise, he did!  One at a time.  He can also “moo” and tell you where his hair, tummy, feet, hands and tongue are.  When in doubt about any other body part, he points to his ear.  Works for me.


We’re planning on flying to Boston for our vacation in a few weeks.  We’ve never flown with the Woob before.  He’s wiggly and doesn’t like to sit still, much less on our laps.  The pediatrician told us we were well within our legal rights to give a dose of Benadryl before the flight.  Anybody do this?  Does it work?  Should I feel bad even considering it?


Its been nice being able to email N. here and there and let her know what’s going on and hear about her day-to-day, too.  Its worth the worry just to be in touch.


After all the nasty-rotton-thumb drama of a few weeks ago, Woobie STILL is not sucking his thumb.  WOW. 


Happy Friday!!



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5 responses to “Rainy Day Stuff

  1. StorkWatcher

    Hey – I am sorry to hear about BIL. I have some friends who are treating their cancers more with (some with and without chemo)dietary changes and are having tremendous success. If you are interested, I would be happy to put you in touch with my friend, Rebecca (unexplainably cured from melanoma and sharing her experience with others – most recently a neighbor who was diagnosed with incurable lung cancer whose doctor tried to refuse to give him his last round of chemo, becuase he now sees no sign of cancer left…..) If he’s tried all sorts of other things and wants to look for something different (but not crazy – very healthy), let me know.

    And I love watching AP show us his tongue! We may be sorry some day we’ve taught them to stick out their tongues, but it’s SO cute!)

  2. Becca

    I know lots of folks who have used Benadryl pre-flight on small children. (We were lucky — our daughter was always easy-going on the plane; have never flown with our son, so can’t say how he would be.) One caution I’ve heard from a friend who used that trick with one son is that not all kids react the same way. One son, it would calm him down. The younger one, it had the opposite reaction — more hyper, more alert. She advises a “test run.”

  3. Thanks, Becca. That’s a great idea. Oh, that would be so bad! Another issue with the Benadryl is that Woob gets car sick in hubby’s truck. We’re worried that might happen on the plane, too. Dr. said things like Dramamine have antihistimines in them which is part of the help, so Benadryl should do the same thing. So even if he’s the child from hell that other flyers learn to hate, it will be worth it if he doesn’t blow chunks all over the plane!

  4. Well, friend…I have not used Benadryl on a flight but I can tell you this, my eldest son is very energetic (read hyperactive). Recently, he had a terrible bug bite on his arm and I had to give him Benadryl for several day.

    I never wanted to take him off of it.

    I did.

    But I didn’t wanna.


  5. goingbacktosquareone

    Is it bad that I considered giving Ebaby Benadryl for a very lengthy car ride next month? She’s not a good rider…at least for a long time. Two hours max is all she can handle. She DOES NOT SLEEP in her carseat. I’m so tired of hearing how Sally Joe’s little sweetheart falls asleep the minute she backs out of the drive. Ebaby is the most attentive, coherent, conscious kid I’ve ever seen. And, I don’t look forward to a long trip to Gatlinburg listening to her scream. So, basically, I’ve been wondering the same thing myself.

    I’m very sorry to hear about your BIL. You have my prayers.

    Glad you’re back, sista.


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