Oh, To Be a Spoon!

Right now, the coolest thing in the house, if you are a young Woobie, is a spoon.  Little baby feeding spoons, ice cream scoops, spatulas, serving spoons, measuring spoons and little beach sand shovels.  A spoon, occasionally used to actually convey food to the mouth, is also a drum stick, a ball holder, a teether, a head scratcher, and a scepter.  The little Toot even spanked my bottom with one two nights ago.  He. Loves. His. Spoons. 

He’s growing so fast, and so rarely wants to snuggle, I found myself today (staying home from work with Woob due to a skin malady) thinking that if I were a spoon, he’d snuggle with me and never leave my side.  Weird what motherhood does to a girl, right?  I mean, when was the last time YOU fantasized about being a spoon??



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6 responses to “Oh, To Be a Spoon!

  1. I’m having the same issues with snuggling. *HUGE sigh* My baby girl will toddle to me long enough to get a sip to drink or a quick reassurance, but as soon as I pick her up, she wants down and NOW! 9 months is too early to become independent! Ack! She was sick last week, and I know this is demented of me because I don’t really want her to be sick, but I enjoyed all the cuddle time when she was feeling really rotten and just wanted to rest her head on me and have her back and arms rubbed.

    You want to be a spoon…with Mackenna, it’s my wooden coasters. Teethers, flying discs, percussion instruments, and overall objects of utter fascination.

  2. goingbacktosquareone

    I just want to be Brown Puppy.

  3. StorkWatcher

    Man, I miss that cuddle time! I take any amount I can get now….

  4. Too friggin’ cute! (A table or a tea?) Did your husband roll his eyes at this little daydream? So funny what mamahood can do.

    I want to be Ella the Cat. Mor-nin Ella. Bye-Bye Ella. Watya doin’ Ella? Eatin’ Ella. Thirs-dee Ella. Ooh! Ella! Ella Tail. Ella Ear. Ella jump!

    Pft. Enough about Ella. Give mama some love, girl! No, not Ella. Mama. Mah-mah. Me. Over here. No, I said ma-ma.

    Oh forget it.

  5. mama2roo

    AWWW…Brown Puppy, Ella,now THOSE are some things to snuggle with, but wooden coasters and spoons?? Please post pictures of said puppies and Ella Cats. They sound lovely.

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