Counting Down

So, most of the nervousness has passed, and now its changed to excitement.  Several communication snafus have been realized and corrected, on both sides.  The oil in the car has been changed, gifts have been bought, packing lists have been made (yeah, I know its only a day trip, but still…), and the Woob has a haircut appointment.  We are as ready as we are going to be.

Its almost unbelievable to think that the day after tomorrow we will be at the Woob’s mom’s house helping her celebrate a milestone.  We’ll be visiting not only with her, but with her family.  More than likely sitting in a circle of lawn chairs eating chicken from the grill.  Sharing cake. 

Watching our son play in the yard and get dirty. 




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7 responses to “Counting Down

  1. Oh, I cannot wait for next week to hear all about it! Hurry next week, hurry!!

  2. goingbacktosquareone

    I can’t wait to get back and hear how things went…and hopefully see a picture?!

  3. I just got all weepy on myself.

  4. Please do keep us all up to date. I am so excited for you.


  5. StorkWatcher

    Man, the second I read “watching our son…together” the tears just sprang into my eyes. I’m envious, in an oh-so-happy-for-you way! I will be wishing you all sunshine and happiness for this visit and cannot wait to hear (read) all about it!!!

    sniffle sniffle

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