“I Am” I Said

Okay, anyone younger than me get that song reference?  If you do, then you can flashback with me back to the 70’s where we listened to that and a whole lot more just like it playing on the big console record player while me and my sibs helped my mom clean house every Saturday…but I digress.

Jenn at Going Back to Square One tagged me for the “I Am…” meme.  So here we go.

 I AM:

  • very smart, but not very logical
  • a lover of Saturday Night Live from the beginning
  • getting (feeling) older every day
  • unorganized in my office and home
  • often shy in new social situations, which often comes off as being “less than warm”
  • a lover of words and puns
  • a reader with no time to read
  • a kick-a** mom, if I do say so myself!
  • a cat lover
  • a sleepy girl
  • an idiot when it comes to numbers; however…
  • in charge of the household finances (ack!)
  • a pitiful housekeeper
  • an extremely anxious person on the inside
  • afraid of disappointing people
  • an avoider of conflict
  • hopped up on caffiene just about every day (Coca Cola–The Real Thing)
  • an avid movie and television junkie
  • out of time…gotta get back to work now!

I tag MommaMarci and Storkwatcher…You’re it!


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3 responses to ““I Am” I Said

  1. goingbacktosquareone


    I managed to make you waste an entire afternoon thinking of “I am” statements about yourself! I rock!


  2. Wow, my first time to be tagged. Okay, give me a few minutes to think and I am all over it!!

  3. StorkWatcher

    Oooh – I’m it! I’m it! I actually got picked for a game…. (Definitely not in Kansas at elementary school any more….)

    Count me in! I’ll take time out from work to do it!

    Thanks, Em! You and Marci made my day!

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