BIG News

I’ll have little time to post this week, but wanted everyone to know that there is a visit in the works with Woob’s mom in two weeks!  The coolest thing about it is that it was initiated by N., as she had not yet received my letter proposing we meet.  I’m excited, I’m nervous, and I barely slept last night.  Prayers, people, prayers!  🙂  I’ll fill you in more later.  Happy, happy day!



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11 responses to “BIG News

  1. goingbacktosquareone

    Oh, oh, oh…

    I’m so excited for you! I hope this works out much better than mine did…

    It IS a happy day!

  2. goingbacktosquareone

    I can’t stand it. I had to comment again. May I live vicariously though your visit?

  3. Woo-Hoo!!!!!! That is greta news. I cannot wait to hear the whole story!

    Hey, are you guys busy this weekend? We are free for a Saturday family play date. What do you think??

  4. I am so excited for you! I can’t wait to find out how it goes.


  5. I’m VERY VERY happy for you and your family! Keep us updated:)

  6. StorkWatcher

    WOW. That’s pretty amazing – knowing you were both thinking of it at the same time. YAY for Woob! Cannot wait to hear more! COngrats!

  7. This is very exciting! very good news!

    I hope it all goes well. I can understand your nervousness, I would be nervous too. You’ll be great. 🙂


  8. Em, this really is exciting, exciting news. Your heart must be full. Had she received your letter first and even responded in the affirmative that would have been great! The fact she came to you with this is just fantastic. How wonderful to think you all were thinking of it together. And in two weeks? Wow! Wishing you all the best of luck. May you make some wonderful memories and most important, strengthen the foundation you’re building for N and Woob. Can’t wait to hear whatever you share with us! — Gretchen

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