I Feel A Little Sick Right Now

Here’s what I responded to the family friend who brought up a possible adoption situation on Sunday.  I couldn’t bear to call her and say the words out loud, so I snuck in an email instead. 

As much as it kills me to write this, I thought I should let you know that ** and I discussed the information you gave me Sunday and are going to let this possibility pass.  We just aren’t on the same page right now with what happens next in our family, so it wouldn’t be the right time.

We will pray for this young woman and her baby and hope that things work out the best for all of them.  Please recommend to her and her family that she receive some unbiased counseling about parenting vs. adoption so that whatever decision she makes she can do it with a clear conscience that she made it with the best of information.  Neither option will be easy for her or the baby.  If she does decide to pursue an adoption plan, rest assured, there are so many wonderful families out there who would adopt, love and care for this little one.

Keep us in your prayers as well, that we make good, well thought out choices for our family, too.

Love ya’


It is sent.  It is the right thing to do.  It makes me sad.  I still may tell the RE to stick it.  Who knows.



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2 responses to “I Feel A Little Sick Right Now

  1. Oh E,
    I am sorry for what you are going through. However, if this little one was meant for your family, you would know it. Maybe the TTC stuff is meant to work this time. Maybe this is not the right time for another child. Who knows? You are in my thoughts right now as you struggle with this.

  2. E,

    You know, we turned down the referral we received right before we were offered Claudine and Ro. The woman who ended up adopting those two sweet kids ended up becoming one of my best friends. We have often marveled at God’s wisdom in choosing her family for those two children and our family for Claudine and Ro. It worked out just right.

    Christ’s Peace,

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