Bring Baby Evelyn Home

Okay, so I’m late.  All the cool people have already done the hard work to get the word out about the Bennett family.  For that, I thank them.  I’ll add my short bit here to reflect on little Evelyn’s first birthday, however. 

My little one had his first birthday in March.  It was a joyous day for us, his adoptive family, as we all embraced this beautiful little person into our family and celebrated his growth over the past year.  It was also a day where we struggled with the pain that we could feel for and along with his first mother.  Although she made her decision to seek adoption for her first born son fully aware (hopefuly) of the consequences of the decision, with knowledge that for her there was no other way, she hurt.  For all her sadness, she was able to acknowledge happiness that her baby is happy.  She’s able to see where he is, what he’s doing, how fast he’s learning and growing.

So I think now upon Baby Evelyn’s birthday yesterday, and feel sadness that her family struggles with  astounding pain that they cannot embrace her into their own family on what should be the most joyous of days.  I feel sadness that her mother Stephanie doesn’t have any idea of all the new things Evelyn can do, how big she’s grown, or even what kind of birthday cake she had.  That it just didn’t have to be this way.  For Evelyn, what should be kids and balloons, and ice cream, is instead seclusion from the world because she is in hiding.

I pray that the family with her now finds the strength to help undo what’s been done.  To do what’s right.  To find peace when its over.  I pray that the Bennetts find hope in this dark time, and forgiveness in their hearts for everyone involved in this runaway train of a situation.  I pray that no matter the outcome, that baby Evelyn feels love and security throughout her life despite its rocky beginnings.

If you haven’t read any of the particulars and want to learn more, Thirdmom has a great post listing ALL the participants of the blog blitz for the Bennetts.  Please take the time to visit some of the amazing and passionate writers for many different details and viewpoints of the story.



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2 responses to “Bring Baby Evelyn Home

  1. reunionwritings

    Evelyn will come home, she will be returned to her family.

    I am asking everyone to please keep saying this and visualizing this.

  2. It will take a lot more than visualization. It will take $$ for legal fees. Round one was lost!

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