Big Fat Grouch

Okay, so today, this week, I have been a big fat grouch.  Such a beautiful birthday party, lovely weather, and a great conversation with you…well, of course these were the highlights of my week.  And it all went downhill from there.  Daycare is closed, and I am the equivalent of a single parent for the week. 

It seems our boy, now that he’s one, has decided that big boys don’t sleep.  Ever.  Or at least he thinks its very grown-up to sleep for one or two hours and then wake up screaming for an hour after that.  This has been going on for the past week or more, and we are at a total loss for how to cure it.  I have changed my pattern with not much different results–instead of picking him up to comfort him, I just sit in his room and make calming shshshshhh noises.  It just ticks him off worse.  He does this at nap times, too.  I am tired, like down to my toes and deep in my bones tired.  Yesterday as I tried at 3 pm to get him to nap, while he screamed, I cried too.  And that got his attention.  As tears were streaming down my face, he looked up at me with his beautiful blue eyes and literally LAUGHED at me.  Fine, naptime over.  By the way, he decided he was tired enough for a nap at 6p.m.  Did I mention that we’ve been having trouble sleeping at night? 

Tuesday night at about 10p.m. as I tried to brush my teeth,  I found that there was no water coming out of the tap.  No water.  We are on a well, and no water means just that.  No sink, no shower, no toilet.  Crap.  So some quick calling first thing Wednesday morning successfully netted us a new well pump. The workers were prompt, curteous, quick, and… expensive.  “Ma’am, that’ll be $1,000.  Thank you very much.”

And have I mentioned the ants?  I believe that when our home was originally built in the early 80’s, it was built upon the sacred mating grounds of King Ant himself.  But his offspring don’t like to stay outside.  They want to be inside with us.  In our kitchen.  In the nursery.  In the living room.  In the basement.  And sometimes they build nests and lay eggs.  Seriously.  So, with all the enthusiasm I am capable of, which is quite a lot, I want them dead.   Despite the fact that its not their fault.  I like being in my house, too.  But I want them dead.  So the man came yesterday to spray an amazing amount of deadly poison around the outside of the house. I can feel the carcinogens seeping into my bones as I write this.

And back to the sleep thing.  Because I’m bone tired, and because I have been edgy, and because I am at my wits end as to what to do, my Mother, bless her little heart, feels the need to reflect back to me how I’m a person who just takes things too seriously, that I’m not as laid back as other people when it comes to our boy (read:  “you’re overreacting, take a chill pill”).  “Oh, don’t get me wrong, you’re a wonderful mother…blah, blah, blah.”  It isn’t nice to punch your mother…so it was nice that this conversation was by phone.

I write all this because, well, I have to put it somewhere.  And I may as well let you in on some of what goes on around here.  Pray for restored sleep of our little one.

Can’t wait to get the package this week!  One thing to look forward to.




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6 responses to “Big Fat Grouch

  1. Wow, you’ve had a horrible week…I sure hope things get better for you!!!!

  2. Oh E,

    I am so sorry for what you are going through. It is the d**n time change! We had issues all last week as well. (Thankfully they did not involve screaming, just 2 am play dates…) I hope getting back to daycare this week gets him back on shcedule and things improve. I understand now why she takes vacation that week. She does not have to deal with time change…

  3. ohhh. I am so sorry. My oldest child will be 12 in May and losing sleep STILL makes me grouchy. I will pray you find a solution. Just remember, he needs sleep even more than you do and if you take what seems to be drastic measures to get him “back in the habit’ it is for his good.


  4. Thanks, guys. I think it may be getting better. We slept thru the night last night (BLISS!!). The night before I did some reading (see the blog “common misconceptions” blogrolled on barrel of nelsons) and she had a great post a while back about sleep issues. She had some wise advice about crying it out, and agrees with you, Sherri. Also, I need sleep to be a good mom. So I bit the bullet and after 37 minutes of screaming/crying Saturday night (and 37 minutes of asking for intervention from Mother Mary), the crying stopped and that was it. Hopefully its not a fluke. I am praying not because this week Bry will be out of town for 2 nights. I will need sleep.

    And by the way, the ants ARE NOT DEAD yet…sigh.

  5. E-

    My Mom says Equal sweetner kills ants. I don’t know if it is true or not.


  6. I’ll be trying that, thanks for the tip!

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