Strange but True

Okay, I’m “it.”  Today mom2one over at Just Enjoy Him tagged me to talk about 10 things that are weird about me (in an attempt to lighten things up??).  I prefer the word “quirky,” or even “interesting” as opposed to weird, but you, the reader will have to be the judge.

  1. I count things.  The number of steps it takes to get from my car to my desk.  The number of stairs from the first floor to the second.  Train cars.  (There are 115 characters in those three sentences, by the way.)
  2. I’m an avid reader, but strangely drawn to Oprah’s book club selections.  I have rarely been disappointed.  To many of you that may not sound too strange, but I am one who actually bought the three book William Faulkner series (As I Lay Dying, Light in August, and The Sound and the Fury) and read all three during the dreaded “Summer of Faulkner.”  Have you ever waded through those three books one after the other?!?  Don’t tell Oprah, but it extended into the Fall and Early Winter of Faulkner as well…
  3. I have a freakish need to finish a book once I start it, even if I’m in over my head (see Quirk #2).
  4. I used to cry when I walked anywhere near a baby/toy department, so sad that I didn’t have a little one of my own.  Now I seriously get choked up anywhere near a baby/toy department, because I’m so happy that I can be there without having to be sad.  Read that again.  I’m sure it makes sense…
  5. If there’s a TV marathon on, I’ll totally watch it.  and watch it.  and watch it.  I have seen every episode of All in the Family, Soap, Mary Tyler Moore, and WKRP in Cincinnatti.  To name just a few.  (All Hail, Nick at Night).
  6. I’d wear pajamas to work if they’d let me…need I say more?
  7. Despite all the OCD tendencies I’m revealing here (I know you were thinkin’ it…), I strangely have NO genetic predisposition to keeping a clean, neat, orderly house or car.
  8. This isn’t weird about ME, per se, but just sounded too weird at the time.  When I was going thru infertility treatments, the RE said that in order for me to get pregnant, I’d have to take a month off the fertility meds and do a round of birth control pills.  Huh?  It was right about that time that infertility became way too surreal for me and I got off that crazy ride.
  9. I drink a Coke for breakfast every morning on the way to work.
  10. I am one of the seemingly few people in the world that doesn’t watch E.R.  I know because I have been yelled at weekly for the past howevermanyyearsitsbeenon…”Whadya MEAN you don’t watch E.R.??!?”

There you have it.  All my weirdness fun qualities in ten easy steps.  And 40 lines of print.



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4 responses to “Strange but True

  1. I so totally understand #4. Just before we got Nate, I used to talk about doing laundry with baby clothes in it, how special that would be, the little socks and how cute they are. Of course nowadays, we just hope we have enough socks for him because we have the typical curse of the dryer that eats socks. Or wherever they go. He also ends up wearing my socks, mismatched of course. And he loves it. My poor kid, we’re slowly warping him 😉 .

    I did watch ER once upon a time. These days, I watch nothing that goes past the Sponge Bob, Square Pants variety so talking grown-up TV shows is pretty much out of the question with me right now.

    And I also have some OCD tendencies that strangely don’t extend to cleanliness. What is that?!

    Great list! Thanks for playing!! 🙂

  2. mmmmmm………You sound like someone I would love to know. I am also touched by #4. I feel the same way every time I lose track of exactly how long it has been since my girls have been home because when I was waiting I always knew EXACTLY how long and the calendar made me sad.


  3. I watched ER (Old reruns on TNT not even the (then) current shows) when I had a TV in a dorm room and cable. I liked the storyline some, but I’ve never been good about watch “the” shows of “the” moment. Exceptions are “Survivor: All Stars” and well we’re currently renting “The Office” on DVD. And I totally get into TV marathons too.

    I also identify with number 4, kind of on a different level, but you know…

    And yeah, I would have looked at them sideways about number 8 if it had been me…

    BTW to slightly misquote a friend of mine: Normal is boring, weird is awesome. 😉

  4. Oh, Oh, I have two more!! (Actually, I probably have a million and one more…)

    * occasionally my cat tries to kill me, or at least maim me a little.

    * I can pinch you really hard with my first and second toes.

    See, now you know me THAT much better. I expect others out there to take up this meme so me and mom2one aren’t seen as the only weird…uhm, awesome, people out here!

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