Bits of Treasure for Monday

Good Morning, N!

I’ve been having a typical Monday morning here.  Struggling with “mommy guilt” of dropping the Woob off at daycare, still steamed at a co-worker from last week (so much for church yesterday–I’m holding on to this grudge awhile longer, it seems!), and running blind from one meeting to the next.

So, I get in my car to go to the first meeting and immediately upon searching my purse for my key, my crappy mood lifts.  There’s “treasure” from yesterday in there that I forgot to take out:

  • 2 slobberdy bibs (“Thank Heaven for Little Boys” and “Daddy’s Little Helper”)
  • 2 board books:  Sesame Street’s “Baby Natasha’s Busy Day” and “Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed”
  • 1 soft cloth book with bold pictures and primary colors.  There are pictures of a boat, train, dog, apple, ball, flower, house, and cat
  • the little red car he swiped from my mom’s house
  • and one orange rubber turtule bath toy.

I hope you find some unexpected “treasure” to lighten your day as well!



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